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The Vintage V300

A folk guitar that has made a name for itself amongst guitar players for its outstanding quality and value for money.
Having won the award for "Best Acoustic under £1000" in Guitar magazine, the V300 is not to be overlooked when considering a purchase. The V300 offers a solid Spruce top for better tone, sealed chrome machine heads and a finely detailed finish, all of which are indicators of quality, usually demanding a higher price tag.
The solid Spruce top ensures that it delivers a thick tone that is sweetened by the narrow body shape. There is plenty to work with here from ringing harmonics at the higher frets to percussive treble, and hard strumming on the open chords produces ample bass too.
It has a deservedly good reputation and for the money there are few contenders for quality and playability. The shape and feel of this guitar make it ideal for someone who is put off by the prospect of getting to grips with barre chords on a dreadnaught, and for this reason it is also suitable for younger or smaller players. If you are looking for quality on a budget then this instrument fits the bill perfectly – and then some!

As reviewed in Guitar Magazine:-

* gobsmackingly good for the money, and would be at even twice the price
* would stand comparison with any other acoustic, regardless of price
* a highly satisfying little player
* a downright steal
* simply a stonking little picker

Vintage V300 Series guitars were awarded the ‘Best Acoustic Guitar Under £1000 in their end of year round up by The Guitar Magazine. The V300 has a comfortable, fast playing neck, plus good dynamics and volume from its folk sized body.

– Padded Guitar Carry Bag
– Guitar Strap
– Clip-On tuner
– Spare Set of Strings
– 2 picks



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