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Seymour Black Winter Black Bridge

Get Hardcore with Seymour Duncan’s Black Winter Pickups!
If you’re looking for the raw power of earth-shattering, ear-splitting metal from your guitar, look no further. Seymour Duncan’s Black Winter pickups are designed for the most hardcore of playing styles. Whether you’re into death metal, black metal, or grindcore, these humbucker pickups deliver a sound suitable for channeling the darker depths of music. And, these pickups look as sharp as they sound. The Seymour Duncan logo is written in Old English and features a black bottom plate, black poles, and black screws. Go out and melt some faces off with a Seymour Duncan Black Winter bridge pickup.

Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickup Features:
Bridge pickup for six-string guitars
Ceramic bar magnet
4-conductor hook-up
Old English Seymour Duncan logo