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Pre Owned Yamaha P50 Piano Tone Module

The P50-m is an advanced tone generator with piano and other keyboard Voices. It provides exceptionally realistic and high-quality piano Voices with complete 32-note polyphony when connected to a MIDI keyboard or when used with a sequencer or computer. Reverb and Chorus effects are also built into the Voices for a rich, natural sound. The P50-m gives you easy and intuitive control over the sound, including Brightness, Reverb Send, fine and coarse tuning, and touch sensitivity. Convenient EQ sliders on the panel let you adjust the timbre in real time. Other special controls such as Program Change Table and MIDI OUT ensure easy and trouble free operation when using the P50-m in General MIDI applications and with additional tone generators. What’s more, you can combine two P50-m units together (using the Receive Mode control) for full 64-note polyphony.

Tone Generation Method: AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2)

Maximum Simultaneous Polyphony: 32-note