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Alesis Turbo Mesh Drum Kit 5 Piece


Everything you need
The Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit includes everything you need to begin your journey as a drummer: 8” mesh snare pad, three 8” mesh tom pads, three 10” cymbals, a kick pedal and a hi-hat pedal. The three cymbals provided are a hi-hat, crash cymbal and a ride cymbal, allowing you to play freely across a variety of styles.

Also included with the Turbo Mesh kit is the Turbo Electronic Drum Module, featuring 10 ready-to-play kit sounds, connection cables, drum sticks, drum key, power supply, and a durable aluminium rack.

Sound matters
The Turbo Electronic Drum Module has 10 ready-to-play kits with 120 different sounds to choose from. This allows you to find the ideal sound to suit your desired style. This module features an ultra-radiant LCD screen which clearly shows you the kit number you have selected, with large buttons to change the sounds.

A CD/MP3 aux input allows you to play along with your favourite songs and a USB/MIDI connection allows you to add virtual instrument sounds and record via a recording software.

Master your drumming skills
With a built-in coach mode, this kit is perfectly suited to any beginner drummer wanting to learn the correct techniques for a range of styles. This feature works alongside the 30 play-along tracks featured within the sound module, allowing you to play along to basic drum beats.

A metronome is also featured on the sound module, with adjustable tempo settings. This allows you to master your timing and further improve your drumming.

Easy connectivity

The Turbo Mesh kit features an 1/8” headphone output, allowing you to practise silently to avoid causing any disturbances when you are playing. The cables for the drums can be neatly wrapped around the aluminium frame in order to prevent them from getting in the way and to make the kit look a lot neater.


Mesh drumheads provide a realistic feel and rebound for an authentic drumming experience
Includes everything you need to start drumming today – perfect for any aspiring drummer
10 Ready-to-play classic and modern kit sounds allow you to find your desired sound
A built-in coach and 30 play-along tracks help you learn the key principles of drumming
Metronome ensures you keep in time whilst playing
Aluminium rack provides a solid and stable foundation for your kit
Mesh heads and cymbals are extremely quiet, allowing you to practise without causing disturbances
CD/MP3 aux input allows you to play along with your favourite songs
USB/MIDI connection allows you to add virtual instruments and record via recording software
Cables can be neatly wrapped around the rack, providing neater aesthetics
1/8” Headphone output allows you to practise silently
Kits: 10-Preset Kits, 5 General MIDI (GM) Kits
Sequencer: 30 Patterns; 12 "Follow Me" Patterns
Resolution: 192 Ticks per Quarter Note
Maximum Polyphony: 64
Display: 3-Digit LED