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EBow Plus

Despite its frequent use in classics of rock and pop history, the E-Bow finds itself today as an outsider thomann amongst the large body of guitar effects – often heard, seldom recognized is the motto here.

At the same time, this unassuming little helper offers what many guitarists dream of: Sustain that is unlimited and with virtually no end.

Beyond that, experienced e-Bowers have begun to established thomann themselves where they were previously unknown in guitar soundscapes. In this way we are now finding violin- and flute-like tones, synth sounds and the ghostly melodic style of guitarists such as Steve Hackett in the repertoire of the experimental electric guitarist.

The E-Bow generates a magnetic field, whereby thomann the string is brought to oscillate continuously
Now with the additional ‚ÄěHarmonic" mode
Power supply is via a 9V battery (not included)
Incl. mini CD and bag