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Fender DI

With the Fender Micro DI pedal, routing your signal direct to a mixer or pro audio system has never been easier or better-sounding. Using this compact onstage solution, players can quickly and easily convert their unbalanced instrument signal to a balanced P.A.-ready signal while minimizing distortion and ground-level noise. Transmit your signal while attaining quality pro tone, with plenty of pedal board real estate to spare.


Balanced and unbalanced I/O options for versatile connectivity
Compact footprint to fit on a crowded pedal board
Includes gain switch for boosting low-level signals
Ground lift switch minimizes line-level noise
Cabinet simulator for replicating onstage speaker setups
Protective metal housing to withstand the rigors of the road
True hardwire bypass wiring for quiet uninterrupted signal flow
12 mA current draw minimal power supply usage
Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC center negative (not included)
Input: 1/4" Mono Jack (Impedance: 1 M )
Output: 1/4" Mono Jack (Impedance: 1 k Ohms)
Dimensions: 93.5 mm (D) × 42 mm (W) × 52 mm (H)
Weight: 140 g