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TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser

TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser Product Overview by GAK

The TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser may look simplistic, but it will truly blow you away with its broad range of Phaser effects.

The Blood Moon Phaser offers a classic four-stage filter design to emulate that classic 70s sound and sports a simple user-friendly layout with three control knobs consisting of Rate, Depth and Feedback. Rate allows you to control the rate of the modulation, Depth controls how pronounced the effect is and Feedback lets you feed some of the filter’s output back into the circuit.

This unit also features some handy modern innovations, coming housed in a durable metal chassis manufactured with road-readiness and protection in mind. Additionally, it has a top mounted input/output and trustworthy true bypass and will also fit neatly onto your pedalboard.

Vintage-style phaser pedal
Classic four-stage filter design
True bypass and top-mounted I/O
True Bypass
Top-mounted I/O
Compact and roadworthy enclosure
Highly affordable – Extreme value for the money
Runs on 9V batteries or optional 9V PSU
Power consumption: 9V DC and 18mA