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  • 4 Mono Channel Line Mixer

    Price: £19.99
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  • 4 Stereo Channel Line Mixer

    Price: £34.99
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  • Citronic CSL-14 Mixing Console 14 input

    Price: £199.00
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  • Citronic Q-Mix2 2 Channel Rechargeable Compact Mixer

    Price: £39.99
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  • QTX PHX300 Moulded PA Head 300 Watt

    Price: £289.00
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4 Mono Channel Line Mixer

Mini Line Level Mixers

Compact mixers with high impedance jack inputs suitable for auxiliary line level or instruments, mixing to a master jack output. Available as either 4 mono or 4 stereo version with separate volume controls for each input and master output. Powered by 1 x 9V battery or optional 12Vdc adaptor

Available in mono or stereo versions
Optional 12Vdc power input
Supplied with 9V battery