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Pre Loved Orange TH30 Head Black

Pre Owned – Excellent Condition

The TH30H is one of the most popular heads in the Orange range due to its immense range of tones that can be dialed in from just six controls knobs. Equipped with four classic EL84 valves, the TH30H delivers a crisp tone, with a rich overdrive when pushed to the limit. Throughout the years, the EL84 tone has gained a worldwide reputation among Country pickers, Blues, Pop, Funk and Indie artists for their classy, bell-like cleans, crunch and controlled natural compression.

Switchable Outputs

This class A rated amp head offers a versatile choice of three outputs including 7, 15 and 30 watts allowing you to tailor the amp to the situation. This is ideal for times where extra power is needed, or scaled down for smaller performances.

Twin Channels

The TH30H benefits from twin channels, that allow enhanced versatility in one compact unit. The Clean channel produces sweet, crystalline cleans, right up to the point of breakup. When you plug into the clean channel on the Thunder 30 you will be presented with one of the most evenly voiced, glistening clean tones you have ever heard. Harmonics will jump out of your guitar, providing you with a truly unique tone. In addition, the Clean Channel features EQ shape control offering a variety of tones from classic rock through to scooped metal with all variations in between.

The Dirty channel offers powerful shape control and sweeps the midrange from scooped to boosted, as well as providing complex harmonic overtones even at maximum gain settings. When switched to the dirty channel you can achieve a host of new tones and gain that have never been heard on an Orange, and will add inspiration to your performances.

Classic Orange Appearance

The Thunder TH30H features classic orange appointments including hieroglyphs and signature picture frame edging, along with standard black vinyl covering. Made from solid 18mm plywood, this retro-looking amp head is solid, rugged and durable. Reinforced corners also add to the sturdy construction, and ensure that the internal components are protected. The additional built in carry handle means this compact amp head can be easily transported between performances.


Foot-switchable twin channel including Dirty and Clean
Equipped with EL84 valves for a classic crisp tone
Switchable output offering 7, 15 and 30 Watts for added power when needed
Classic Orange hieroglyphs and signature picture frame
Includes a low impedance valve buffered effects loop
Control options include dirty volume, shape, gain, clean treble, bass and volume
Solid durable 18mm plywood housing ensures internal components are protected
Lightweight with carry handle for portable use
Reinforced corners for added protection during transit
Sturdy rubber feet to eliminate slippage caused by vibrations on stage

Controls: Dirty Volume, Shape, Gain, Clean Treble, Bass and Volume
Output Power: 7, 15 or 30 Watts
Power Amp: 4 X EL84
Preamp: 4 x ECC83/12AX7
FX Loop: 1 x ECC81/12AT7
Speaker Output:
1 x 16 OHM Cabinet connected to the 16 OHM Output
1 x 8 OHM Cabinet connected to one of the 8 OHM outputs
2 x 16 OHM Cabinets each connected to one of the 8 OHM outputs
Dimensions: 55 X 27 X 24 CM (21.65 X 10.63 9.45"")
Weight: 15.55 KG (34.28 LB)