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Pearl OD 05 Over Drive Pedal

The Pearl OD-05 was an overdrive released in the 1980’s by Pearl and is part of the Sound Spice series. Pearl pedals were built in Japan by a company called KLM (much like Ibanez pedals were built by Maxon) and were engineered to include some very innovative features for this era.

The OD-05 housed a pair of JRC4558’s (famously used in vintage Ibanez Tubescreamers) and used a simple parametric EQ instead of the typical tone stack used by most overdrives of the period. This EQ allowed for 15dB of boost or cut to a frequency range from 100 Hz to 4 KHz and creates a much more interactive tone shaping. The OD-05 is one of the top-tier vintage overdrive pedals and is still as useful now as it was when released.