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  • Pre Loved Black Star LT Drive FX Pedal

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  • Pre Owned Boss FB2 Feedbacker / Booster

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  • Pre Owned Gibson SG Special Ivory Inc Gig Bag

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  • Pre Owned Wesley Bass White

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Pre Loved Black Star LT Drive FX Pedal

The LT Drive

is equipped with 3 simple to use controls including Gain, Level and Tone, that offer plenty of tonal shaping options to suit your style. The Gain control adjusts the amount of overdrive or distortion effect, and can range from a subtle, clean boost to a crunchy overdrive and at maximum gain, you can achieve a extreme distorted sound. Level control lets the player set the mix between the wet and unaffected signals, and find the perfect balance of the Gain. Finally, Tone control alters the treble frequencies, that range from dark and warm to tight, bright and fierce.


Overdrive effects range from clean boost to powerful & fiery leads
Gain control for adjusting the amount of overdrive or distortion effect
Level knob lets the player control the mix of wet & dry signals
Tone control allows alterations of the overall character
Rugged & durable housing that is built for on the road
Tiny & compact sizing fits onto even the busiest pedalboards
Vibrant yellow finish to stand out on pedalboard

Effect: Overdrive
Controls: Gain, Level, Tone
Power: 9V DC/PP3 Battery ( Not Included )
Switches: On/Off
Indicators: On/Off LED
Jacks: Input, Output
Dimensions: 60mm (W) x 54.5mm (H) x 122mm (D)
Weight: 450g