Drive Core Deluxe Pedal


NuX Drive Core Deluxe Pedal

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NuX Drive Core Deluxe Boost & Drive Pedal


NuX Drive Core Deluxe is a combined boost and overdrive pedal for clean to dirty guitar tones. 3 switchable modes are for clean boost, drive or mixed boost + drive. Clean boost can be used to push a guitar amplifier input into overload for a naturally saturated overdrive. The Drive mode generates its own overdrive from subtle to distorted and in mix mode, can be used with the boost to combine the best of both worlds. A single rotary tone control is joined by a bass boost when the Drive control is pressed. An all round drive monster for blues and rock tones.


Bass boost function-Clean boost, drive or mix modes-Up to 10dB of clean boost


Power supply-9Vdc (PP3 battery) or mains adaptor (optional)-Controls-Clean boost, Drive, Tone, Level-Input impedance-1M Ohm-Output impedance-10k Ohm-Dimensions-122 x 72 x 47mm-Weight-270g

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