Komp Core Deluxe Pedal


NUX Komp Core Deluxe Pedal

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NUX Komp Core Deluxe Compressor Pedal


Multi-function analog compressor pedal featuring a wide variety of compressor tones. You want a compressor that doesn’t color your sound? Komp Core Deluxe is a multi-function analog compressor pedal featuring a wide variety of compressor tones. 3 different clip modes and precise knobs provide a wide range of taste. Sustain, Attack and Blend knobs allow you to have a good control perspective on signal and you can give a good sustain with low noise and adjust input sensitivity precisely. Nux Komp Core Deluxe can be as transparent or as squishy as you like. A volume knob and a blend knob to bring in or out the original dry signal and a simple 3-way mini toggle to choose the compression intensity without sound coloration come together. Clip Mode – Classic Compression Low output pick-ups doesn’t hit the threshold, using Komp Core Deluxe on Clip Mode suits single-coil guitars better.


Compatible power supply 174.001UK-Powered by 9V (PP3) battery or external power supply (not included)-Strong and rugged die-cast chassis-True bypass-Analog circuit-3 Clip modes, clean clip & normal-Rotary sustain, level, attack & blend controls


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