Pre Owned Yamaha CLP130 Clavinova Very Good Condition


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Pre Owned Yamaha CLP130 Very Good Condition.

Includes piano bench.

This is a piano from top of the range Clavinova series with great piano sounds, best quality hammer action keys (weighted just like in an acousitc piano)

CLP-130 is one of the highest specs Clavinova and remains a strong favourite among many piano players for it’s amazing sound and very realistic touch.

Perfect for the a beginner who requires 88 keys and realistic piano tones.

Position anywhere in the home without fear of losing tune and can be used with headphones for those early morning/late night practices, unlike a normal piano, and no tuning fees!

Original Description from the Yamaha website:

The CLP-130 is an 88-key Graded Hammer keyboard in a woodgrain cabinet with dark rosewood finish. Three separate foot pedals provide a realistic piano feel. Its Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) piano voice is made up of CD-quality stereo samples that dynamically adjust according to touch. 28 different voices give a wide range of sounds for practice and performance. 50 built-in songs with sheet music will help hone piano skills. Built-in three-song recording feature can be used to store your favorite performances or arrangements. The CLP-130 is designed for the keyboard player who is looking for a wide range of voices and multi-song recording function.


A perfect blend of innovation and style

It’s all here in the new CLP Clavinovas. The stylish elegance of a grand piano. Improved piano samples for incredibly realistic sound. Touch response with the GH keyboard. Cutting-edge technology has never looked so good – the CLP Clavinovas.

GH (Graded Hammer effect) Keyboard

The GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard uses a weighted mechanism and grade-weighted keys (gradually heavier, top to bottom) to provide a natural feel.

AWM Tone Generation and New Piano Samples

Like previous models, these new Yamaha Clavinovas boast AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation for the ultimate in instrument realism. And to assure a warmer, more natural, even more enveloping sound, they also feature new DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling) piano samples. Taken at different levels from loud to soft, these new samples provide subtle differences in volume and timbre depending on how heavy or light your touch is. In addition, the CLP-130 offers Stereo Sustain and Key-off samples. Stereo Sustain Samples recreate the resonances of the strings and soundboard when the damper pedal is pressed that contribute to the unique sound of a grand piano. Key-off samples provide the delicate sound keys make when they are released for another touch of realism.

Sheet music, for the built-in demonstration songs, is included with the CLP-130. The book is filled with standard classical and contemporary repertoire pieces for both beginning and advanced pianists. If you’re just starting out at the piano, these are pieces you’ll eventually be learning. If you are an accomplished pianist, you probably already know many of these pieces. What’s more, the right and left hand parts of each piece has been recorded separately. This allows the Clavinova to play one hand for you, while you practice the other hand. You can even slow down the recordings to your comfort level of tempo.

CLP-130 Features
– Woodgrain cabinet with dark rosewood finish – 88-key GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard – New 3-step Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM (Advanced Wave memory) tone generation – Stereo Sustain Samples and Key-off Samples – 28 Voices – 30 Sampling Banks – 64-note polyphony (Max.) – PC interface (TO HOST) – Split, Dual – Digital Reverb, Chorus, Brillance – 2-track song recorder with 3 song capacity (or 9,400 notes) – 7 temperaments – 40W x 2 amplifier – Metronome – 3 foot pedals – MIDI IN/OUT/THRU – Sliding key cover – Folding music rest – Dual headphone jacks and headphones hanger – 50 built-in demonstration piano songs with sheet music

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