Sigma SIG-LM-SGE+ 00 Body Sitka Spruce Sunburst


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Sigma LM-SGE+ Electro Acoustic, Sunburst

The Sigma LM-SGE+ Electro Acoustic,

Sunburst features a solid top combined with a stylish appearance, comfortable 00 body, and on-board Sigma electronics, perfect for the performing musician. With a solid sitka spruce top and mahogany body, the Sigma LM-SGE+ produces a versatile sound that responds superbly to numerous playing styles as well as being able to accommodate many different genres. The tone produced is rich, full, and resonant with crisp articulation and a broad dynamic range. Its real bone but also offers added resonance and sustain to the guitar’s overall sound. Furthermore, the LM-SGE+ has a compact 00 body, which provides comfort throughout both seated and standing performances, as well as accommodating fingerpicking styles beautifully.

The Sigma LM-SGE+ also comes equipped with a Sigma preamp, offering basic sound tweaking for live and rehearsal settings.

Ideal For The Gigging Guitarist Due To Built-In Sigma Electronics
Solid Sitka Spruce Top Yields Crisp Articulation & Broad Dynamics
Mahogany Body Produces Rich Warmth & Punchy Mid-Range
Perfect For Fingerstylists Due To Comfortable 00 Body
Sunburst Finish & Faux Tortoise Pickguard For Stylish Appearance


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