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The Vox Custom 25 Guitar (Model 3000)

Project guitar


The Vox Custom 25 guitar featured a walnut body with a non-removable maple “neck through body” design 


The Vox Custom 25 abandoned the traditional three single coil pickup configuration of the Stratocaster for a pair of DiMarzio X2N humbucking pickups. DiMarzio desctribes the X2N as a “take no prisoners, in your face” humbucker. The DiMarzio website also states that the X2N is their highest output pickup and is designed to push tube amps into “total overdrive.”


Master luthier and guitarist Adrian Legg designed the passive electronics used to control these pickups. In addition to a pickup selector and individual volume/tone controls for each pickup, a mode selector switch is also included. The mode selector allows the choice between series, parallel or coil tap wiring for the pickups.


A close comparison of the location of the bridges on the Standard 25 and Custom 25 reveals another important feature of the Custom 25. The bridge on the Custom 25 is located closer to the mid point of the body than on the Standard 25. While both the Standard and Custom 25 guitars offer a 25½” scale, the bridge location on the Custom 25 allows the neck to offer 24 frets, or two complete octaves, of playing range. The Standard 25 has a 22 fret neck.


The balanced tremolo system of the Custom 25 guitar also features a brass bridge for greater sustain.



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