29th May 2018 The VOX Adio Air GT Guitar Modelling Amp

The VOX Adio Air GT Guitar Modelling Amp

The VOX Adio Air GT Guitar Modelling Amp is equipped with two three inch speakers, and delivers a mighty 50 watts. Despite its small scale, the Adio offers a true stereo surround sound in a mobile format that can be taken anywhere. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your favourite songs via a mobile phone device, whilst the aux input means you can practice in silence without disturbing the neighbours. As well as offering a compact modelling amp, the Adio is also equipped with up 19 built-in effects and up to 23 realistic amp models, for a versatile jam session. If that’s not enough, the Adio features classic Vox styling, along with a full host of easy-to-use controls and a slanted design for the optimum sound projection.

VET (Virtual Element Technology)

  • The Adio portable amplifier is equipped with Vox’s VET (Virtual Elements Technology), which perfectly reproduces the characteristics of an original amp, rather than imitating the output sound. This innovative technology employs high-quality components and circuit design to deliver the best sound possible.

Sophisticated Design

  • The Adio Air features a high-quality chassis, which ensures a powerful and clear sound. Its durable structure benefits from new a design, which features a bass reflex structure for the ultimate bass tone, along with an inner box that adds extra depth to your sound. This innovative inner box separates L and R into independent spaces to produce high-quality, stereo playback with an enhanced sense of spatiality. As well as this, the Adio also features a slanted body that directs the sound upwards for a better listening experience.

Acoustage Provides Virtual Surround

  • Despite its small size and stylish looks, the Adio is also equipped with “Acoustage” virtual surround technology. This function delivers an added impact when combined a stereo effect, providing a guitar/bass amp that lets you feel as though you’re on a wide stage.

Includes JamVOX III Modeling Software

  • With the included JamVOX III modeling software, players can benefit from the GXT function, which allows you cancel or extract/emphasise a specific part from an existing song. This innovative function also allows you to loop from a song that you’re learning or practicing, and even change its tempo, perfect for beginners.

23 Types of Realistic Amp Models

  • With built-in Tone Room software, players have access to up to 23 different realistic amp models. Players can effortlessly enjoy a full host of sounds from classic vintage amps, to boutique amps, the choice is yours.

Built-In Effects

  • As well as realistic amp models, the VOX Adio Air is also equipped with a full host of effects, including chorus, tremolo, delay and reverb. With the Tone Room software, players have access to 19 different effects, for a versatile experience.

Built-In Tuner

  • As well as delivering a superb sound quality, the Adio is also equipped with a built-in tuner, that supports dropped tunings. This easy-to-use tuner is perfect for mobile musicians, as it eliminates the need for an external tuner.

Bluetooth & USB Connectivity

  • For added versatility, the Adio features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to wirelessly play your favourite songs via a smartphone or computer with Bluetooth capability. As well as Bluetooth, the Adio Air is also equipped with a USB port to connect to a computer for easy access to the Tone Room software. This USB port also allows players to record and play back their performances, perfect for song writers.
  • If that’s not enough, the Adio features a AUX input jack, for silent practising or jamming along to your favourite songs.

Battery Life Offers Up To 8 Hours of Operation

  • Despite its compact size and high output power, the Adio operates on eight AA batteries, providing up to eight hours of continuous operation. Whether you’re camping, on the beach or having a jam session, the Adio will provide you will a reliable sound source.



  • Powerful 50W high-output amp perfect for any level of player
  • High-qulaity chassis design ensures powerful and clear sound
  • 2 x 3” speakers for true stereo sound
  • Stylish slant-body design for optimum sound projection
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly stream your music
  • Eight hours of continuous operation using eight AA batteries
  • Lightweight, portable design of only 2.9 kg
  • VOX’s proprietary VET modeling technology perfectly reproduces a high quality response
  • A wide range of up to 23 different realistic amp models.
  • Up to 19 types of high-quality effects for versatile playability
  • Tone Room software offers a versatile choice of tones
  • Bluetooth MIDI support allows parameters to be controlled wirelessly
  • Delivers excellent, room-filling sound when used as an audio playback device
  • AUX input jack allows convenient jam sessions and silent practising
  • Acoustage function generates a virtual “surround-sound” effect
  • Audio equalizer equipped with a bassilator circuit that generates a rich low-frequency range
  • Noise reduction when using high-gain sounds
  • Auto tuner that also supports dropped tunings, eliminating the need for an external tuner
  • USB interface that lets you switch between three different routings
  • Bundled with JamVOX III
  • Honeycomb structure speaker frame with integrated carry handle


  • Number of Amp Models: 11 (23 when using Tone Room)
  • Number of Effects:
  • Effects 1 types Modulation: 4 (11 when using Tone Room)
  • Effects 2 types Delay/Reverb: 4 (8 when using Tone Room)
  • Number of User Programs: 8 (two banks x four programs)
  • Noise Reduction: Off, 1 – 4 steps
  • Audio Equaliizer: Off, Loud, Bass Boost, Mid Boost, Treble Boost
  • Wireless Method: Bluetooth (A2DP Sink) Bluetooth low energy (MIDI)
  • Power Amp Output: Maximum approx. 25 W x 2 RMS @ 8 ohms
  • Speakers:2 x 3″
  • Power Supply: 8 x AA batteries or the included AC adapter (DC 19V)
  • Current Consumption: 3.42 A (When Using Batteries: 200 mA)
  • Dimensions: 360 x 165 x 163 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Included Items: AC adapter, Power cord, JamVOX III download card

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